A few weeks ago I realized that I had reached all of my goals as a child… I could go anywhere in the world if I so chose… and why was I still struggling?  Where do I go now?

Living in abstract passion, sincerely, genuinely, has only a few outcomes that may allow you to live a healthy long life. I can speak this as a truth…this time on earth has almost killed me a few times…. and it’s not by being a pussy….or a drug addict…. although the invitation has seduced me… and I wouldn’t have lived had I not tempted either…

Where does one begin? I’m 36, turning 37 in June…. have been called a traitor, a sell out and most recently an “emotional bully.”

How does a person satisfy and survive psychologically with a mentally challenged, isolated beginning? I have worked with Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp and many others…. but I really am that poor kid who dumpster dove and dreamed…. it’s all I had… and all I’ve ever wanted was to share the triumph and grattitude of living in abundance…. it goes beyond being an American white woman.

Nobody should approach poetry, writing or art with an apologetic tone, nor should they approach it with confession.

Life as I have known it breaks rules, lies, makes beautiful love… and without a doubt challenges our own realities, philosophies and intention….

I have nothing to gain by denying myself. My new dream is to write… to imagine… and to prove beyond doubt, that if you set intention…. it DOES happen….

Every person speaks to me. the experience of being on the planet so far has been a swan song…..

All of us are original. none of us are original, and that is the fallacy of being aware… caring and individual….

Thank you Julia Roberts for being kind to my psyche…. Finding myself as the butt of a joke, and one that you’d brag to Ewan McGregor about…. flipped my existence…. my new reality space and understanding about what life can offer if you let divinity through the cracks of the heart.

I never became a writer, because I didn’t believe I had anything inside me to touch anyone in any important way… I’ve waited so long…. to have proof… that when one strives for anything… it can be achieved…

I’m ready to continue the adventure…. I dedicate my blog to my son, who told me when he was 3 to listen…..It’s by his love and through everyone I’ve been blessed to share grace with I write… Selfishly? I don’t know. It was and is always a surprise to hear that my funky shit could inspire a single soul….

Let’s do it folks!